Croeso i anarchwaethus, Welsh-language anarchist website

Angryness and anarchy in Wales and in Welsh. Welsh-language struggle, anti-fascism in Wales, intersectionality, anti-Britishness, and other rwtsh.

On this page you’ll find links to bilingual or English-language content (also tagged “English“). You can contact us using the e-mail at cysylltu. It’s also worth looking at the dolenni page, which links to tons of other shit happening in Wales. Sadly we also have a twitter.

We strongly recommend you read the https:// version of this site and if appropriate use Tor Browser.

Paid becs,

anarchwaethus are not “National-anarchists” (shitbag white-supremacists in disguise).

But we are concerned with the so called “national question”. Much of European anarchism has yet to grasp decolonial struggles, anti-imperialism, national oppressions and liberation. Anarchists on these islands have got to get on with smashing Britishness – so far we’ve only scratched at the surface. Maybe we can point to some tactics here.

See you on the streets

Bilingual & English-language content

“Why we shut down the UK’s largest coal mine – a call to action” (reblog)
“Rhai Eglurhadau / Some Clarifications”

British fascists try to appropriate Welsh symbols (translation of the Welsh article, “Ffasgiaid Prydeinig yn Ceisio bachu Cymreictod“)

“Aberfan: politicising tragedy” (reblog)

Gadael Ymateb

Rhowch eich manylion isod neu cliciwch ar eicon i fewngofnodi:

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